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Times from my stop

You can create a PDF showing all departures from any stop in one of two ways:

You can choose a stop from the map by entering a location ... and then click on the stop, and on the "show all times from this stop" link in the bubble for that stop

Or you can enter a service number or name and operator name (the first few characters of the operator name should work) of any service that uses the stop - and then select the stop from the list displayed, making sure you choose the stop for the right direction of travel.

Select stop from a map
On the map that will be displayed click on the stop you want the times for, and then click the "show all times from this stop" link in the bubble for that stop.

Select stop by service and operator
Service Number:
Operator Name:

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Finding the timetable you want

You can ask for the timetable of a bus or coach service by 

  • its service number
  • its operator's name
  • the name of a town or village in which it stops (or a specific stop)

Or you can combine any of these to get a shorter list of possible services.