What to take with you on your trip

What to take with you on your trip
What to take with you on your trip

The clothes, medicines and even food you take with you on your trip depend on how you travel. For example, when travelling by train you don't need to take three bags of food, as the dining car is compulsory, (this only applies to long distance or international trips or as a day trip to Bangor). If you are travelling by bus, you should have sandwiches and water in your bag - this will suffice for 100% until your next stop.

day trip from oxford
day trip from oxford


To avoid having to pack bags in a hurry, you should pack for the trip in advance, which means that the first stage is preparatory. Task #1 in it is to make that precious list of items. It is best to spend 1-2 days on the list, adding to a personal register everything that comes to mind. Unnecessary items can then be crossed out.

At the preparatory stage you have to solve other issues - visas, insurance, study of customs of the country you are going to. It doesn't matter if you are travelling on a business trip or on a holiday with children; accommodation and food have to be arranged locally, the route from the airport, train or bus station to the hotel has to be planned. Dealing with these points, you can move on to the most important thing - writing a list of items and collecting suitcases. What should you pack?

Documents and money for expenses

Money and a full list of documents are the essentials. Make sure you have them handy, not at the bottom of your suitcase. It is better to pack them in a small bag, which is always on your shoulder - it is a good guarantee against loss or theft.

So, you'll need them on the road:

-a passport. Going on a trip within Ukraine your internal passport is enough, for international travel a foreign one is required. As insurance be sure to make several copies, you can phone or e-mail them electronically. Those travelling with children should bring their birth certificates. For travelling abroad with only one parent to the list of documents the notarised consent of the other parent to cross the border is usually added.

-Tickets. You need them if travelling by plane, bus or train. Most transport companies sell tickets online. You do not even have to print them out - just open the ticket on your smartphone.

-Money. Cash and/or bank cards. Be sure to check whether the card will be active abroad. The second option is to change the currency, which is not always convenient in the case of large sums.

In addition, it is advisable to put in your wallet your hotel reservation and insurance card, and if you travel by car, your driving license, vehicle registration certificate, vehicle inspection ticket, and car insurance policy. You should also have some cash for running costs, a notebook and a pen.

What to bring in a first-aid kit: essential medication

Having your own first-aid kit in your valise will help you feel at ease anywhere in the world: from a small village in the mountains to a sandy beach at the seaside. Assemble a list of medicines must be responsible, so as not to forget anything, because the urgent need to buy medicine abroad is not always possible (or there is no pharmacy, or medicine is issued only on prescription).

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